XAPK Installer v2.2.2 Latest version Free Download [3.5MB]

xapk installer is another opportunity for Android users as the application comes with thousands of exciting options. XAPK Installer can define as a new file format installer that allows Android users to compress massive APK files into a smaller size. So then it will enable download and access files without many complications. Now you can easily extract files and then easy to install any type of files to your Android smart device. Android users have the freedom to install the XAPK installer file, and they can install apps along with all the provided and needed resources.

xapk installer

Finally, Android users can directly download the XAPK Installer Apk file for your  Android smart devices and then install the apps and games instantly without any issue through XAPK extractor.

What is XAPK Installer?

XAPK Installer is just a simple application. Here it does all the process for you, and it scans all the .xapk files on your smart Android. Then it automatically extracts the .obb data file. After that, those files stores in a preferred location, and now you are free to download and install the APK file. Then users no need to worry about errors as through XAPK Installer, and you can install any sort of file, package, or any .obb file without difficulty.

XAPK Installer allows you to scan all the available files and install them on Android. Here it makes all easier, and finally, you have the best opportunities here. Basically,  the xapk installer does the same process for xapk files as well as apk installer. Here on your phone and SD card,

  • Users can quickly scan and preview all the “.apk file.”
  • Automatically, delete or install APKs

XAPK installer’s purpose is to install the XAPK files to supported Android versions.  In fact, it supports and works very well for Windows 7,8,10 and related Android operating systems. Here you cannot directly download XAPK Installer from Google Play store. Here you have to download the app from the internet directly.

More about XAPK Installer

XAPK Installer is the easiest way to download apps. While downloading apps using a third-party sources, we know that those files are huge in file size and having a combination of installing the package (.apk) file and OBB data file. So here such big files most probably exposed malware and arise corrupt on results such as your date and time vanish while finding a new and reliable AP with a OBB file.

Here the affected solution is .xapk file.  It comes with all the facilities to install and run any type of file successfully. So we can introduce XAPK Installer as a handy tool for installing several massive Android files with the related OBB. By the way, here it makes the process easy without any issues.

XAPK is a file format that is similar to APK format.  This is a compressed android package. Although it is identical with APK, it contains assets such as graphics, media files that come in .apk format.  Here mostly, we use XAPK Installer to distribute third-party Android apps, which is not stored in the Google Play store.

XAPK format was introduced to the Android app industry as a package APK file, OBB file for related installations.

Advantages of XAPK Files

There are plenty of reasons to use this XAPK files. Here are some benefits to use XAPK Installer and  XAPK files on your android smartphone. Let’s see those related advantages of using XAPK files.

  • It comes with a package that includes data inside a single file.
  • A massive game files
  • Quick installation procedure
  • Allows saving downloaded files separately.
  • It comes with the minor opportunity for the files needed for corruption.
  • Users can easily install apps
  • Compressed your file sizes  by decreasing  low space as well as data.
  • Apps can install perfectly
  • Allows to install apps without missing issues
  • You can quickly scan, preview .apk files on SD Card and Android device
  • Install or delete XAPK , APK files
  • APK with cache data or OBB file

Safety – Using XAPK Installer

Before installing the XAPK app, most of the Android users asking that, is this XAPK Installer safe for your usage? Popular and reliable developers develop the installer application.  So it is not a harmful application for your handset. In fact, the application is scanned using anti-virus protection apps such as Shield, Avast, Norton, and AVG. Before the public release, app developers tested it on the selected emulator or the TurstGo Ad Detector to catch any harmful nature. So this is safe, and you can try it, it is an independent app for downloading Android third party apps, easily and freely.

Introduction on  XAPK File

The most famous XAPK  is an extension format for Android files. Here it define as a standard for zip format that allows users to easily save apps as a single format. The process is quick and easy to install. Through this XAPK file, users can install large apps directly on your Android handsets. While using the XAPK Installer, it is not required to download files separately as APK files and OBB files.

For an example ; XAPK file = APK  file + related OBB Data

Here XAPK Contains – Extension  for package (APK)

Related OBB Data

App Icon


Miscellaneous Info.

XAPK Games Download

The majority of mobile game lovers interested in download XAPK Installer as in XAPK format; you can download less size of files and the convenience of installing.  So it is better to have XAPK installer to extract XAPK files to your Android smart devices. There is another reason to use the XAPK Installer. That is now you can quickly found most of the latest games that you cannot find in Google Play store. With XAPK Installer, now you are free to find games and download them. So for game lovers, this is the most compatible way, and now you can try it without any difficulty.

What is the Difference between XAPK and APK?

Basically, there does not have too many differences between XAPK and APK files. APK stands for Android Package Kit. When you use apk to download and install larger apps and games, there are separate packages provided by developers such as APK and OBB files. But with XAPK, you have both APK and OBB files. Among Android users, APK is the standard format. But because of the wide range of opportunities, Android users interested in XAPK.

Tips on XAPK Installer

  • While selecting XAPK files, you have to choose only trusted files
  • You have to choose trusted sources to download files
  • If you are using the XAPK Installer PC software, you have to enable USB debugging mode
  • Users have the freedom to use the XAPK installer to install APK files
  • Enable unknown sources while downloading and installing XAPK Installer

Features of  XAPK Installer

  • With this  XAPK Installer now you can,
  • Preview  apk apps
  • Scan all the apk files
  • Delete or install any APK
  • Download the APK apps with geographical restrictions
  • No security threats
  • Resume downloads

Download and install XAPK Installer on your Android smart device

Now you can freely download and install XAPK Installer for your Android smartphone. But in Google Paly store you cannot find it, as it does not include in the Play store. Here you have to download XAPK Installer from a reliable source directly, and for that now, you can follow the below steps.

Download XAPK Installer files directly from the internet. Here you have to be careful while selecting a reliable source.

Then you have to enable unknown sources. For that, go to device settings. Then tap on security settings. To enable unknown sources to put a tick on enabling Unknown sources.  This is essential, and if you missed this step, the device would not allow you to continue the installation. So it is essential to enable unknown sources here.

Then close all the open windows. Now go to downloads. Open the downloaded XAPK Installer file. Tap on it to begin the installation.

Before the installation begins, you have to agree with terms and conditions. So tap on “Agree,” then you can continue the installation.

Within a few seconds now, you can complete the download process.

Finally, you have completed the installation, and this is the time to download all Android third party apps without any mess. Are you ready?

FAQs on XAPK Installer

Q1. What is the XAPK Installer?

Answer: XAPK Installer is a software. It can use to install XAPK files on your  Android devices easily without any difficulty.XAPK Installer is compatible with Android operating systems and Windows operating systems. So now, it is compatible with Windows 7,8,10  and other upcoming versions.

Here the Android app allows scanning your android smart device for XAPK and APK files. Then you can check whether there available XAPK and APK files on your device. Using XAPK Installer, it is easy to install apps, and here you have to click on the button. Here it allows uninstalling unwanted files as well.

Q2. What are the main features of XAPK Installer?


  • Inbuilt file browser  –  shows you both internal storage content as well as SD memory card content.
  • This  XAPK Installer comes with the facility to scans all APK and XAPK formatted files.
  • It allows users to delete APK and XAPK files automatically.

Q3. What are the reasons to use  XAPK Installer?

Answer:  This is one of the most reliable tools for download and installs Android apps. While using the apps, no more errors occur while installing apps, installing OBB files on to your device. In fact, here you can enjoy any apps and games that are compressed in XAPK.

Q4. Is XAPK Installer Available in Google Play?

Answer: When the answer to this question is straight forward, the answer is definitely “No.” here, you cannot directly download  XAPK Installer from Google Play Store. Users have to download it from the web, and here  XAPK Installer allows direct download it from the web. The download process is faster, and here it is necessary to select a reliable source. Google paly support only for apps that small than 50MB or lower. But through  XAPK Installer now, you can easily download bigger files without any mess.

Q5. How do I extract XAPK from PC?

Answer: In order to distribute Android apps here, APK and OBB files are compressed into an XAPK file. Here Android apps, games, and other interesting ones come in a single format. So  XAPK Installer is the best way to extract and install all the XAPK files to your Windows. There you can find a manual method to extract files. Below you can go through the main instructions to extract XAPK from PC. Here you can try the below steps.

Step 1: As the beginning, you have to download the XAPK file to your personal computer. Then you have to go to the place where it is stored.

Step 2: Now, you have to Rename.XAPK extension to.ZIP

Step 3: finally you can unzip the file

XAPK Installer is a wonderful option instead of the APK file. So if you still do not use this, then try it. Definitely, it will help flexible you while downloading your favorites.